Top 5 Reasons why PPC Matters for Internet Marketing

22nd Feb 2018 Posted By Faheem Ahmed

PPC (pay per click advertising) is one of the most important components of web marketing. It is also significant for the success of your online business. With PPC, small businesses can see a quick, controlled and profitable growth of their online business. Reach your potential customers using Facebook Ads, Google Adwords and Twitter to promote your products and services through PPC.


What is PPC or Pay Per Click Advertising?
PPC is an integral part of Search Engine Marketing or SEM. SEO and SEM are generally used together to showcase products and services to the right kind of audience using popular search engines such as Google and Bing. People use these search engines to gain information about the products that they wish to buy.

An advertiser pays only when a user clicks the advertisement displayed in the window. The PPC model has gradually evolved over the years and today, there are also other pricing models available such as Pay Per Thousand Impressions and Pay When a Click On The Ad Leads To a Conversion.

PPC allows you to specify who will see your ads and reaches a target audience, quickly. Payments are made only when an action is performed on your ad by a user.

#1 – It’s Fast
PPC helps you get to your target audience really fast. Your online business requires targeted traffic and not just any traffic. The first thing that comes to mind for gaining targeted traffic is SEO. But this takes time. PPC is the next and the fastest alternative to obtaining the audience of your choice. You can also track the PPC metrics.

#2 – Cost-effective
One of the biggest misconceptions of PPC pertains to its cost. Most people don’t invest in PPC believing that it is a big waste of money. On the other hand, PPC is ideal for those on a budget. You only have to pay for what is converted. No more, no less. When users visit the landing page and navigate on the advertisement, you have to pay.

#3 – See if your product sells easily
If your website converts, the fastest way to measure is using PPC. It tells you how many revenue earning actions were taken on your site last month or even last year. Full time, 24/7 conversion tracking is done, which can be easily incorporated into your analytics reports.

#4 – Complements your digital marketing strategy
PPC advertising is now considered as an important element of your digital marketing plan along with all the other digital marketing channels. PPC tells you the keywords that match your website with the help of dynamic search ad campaigns. The effectiveness of different keywords can be tested using PPC.

#5 – Use advanced marketing techniques like Retargeting
PPC further paves the way for Retargeting. For those not in the know, retargeting betters your conversions and creates campaigns to target users who have already visited the website but were not get converted.

Over the years, BYT has delivered successful PPC campaigns for clients – both big and small.