Top 5 Digital Marketing Campaigns for Father’s Day

18th Jun 2017 Posted By Faheem Ahmed

More often than not, the media portrays fathers as just  overgrown children, but there is definitely much more to them. Some of the big brands have taken their side to celebrate Father’s day and spread the positive spirit.

Here is our list of the Top 5 Digital Marketing Campaigns for Father’s Day.

  • Dove Men + Care

Dove has carried on a long-running digital campaign for Father’s day over the years. It aims to celebrate every aspect of  fatherhood. The minute-long videos are a montage of memories based on themes like #realdadmoments, #theretocare, #realstrength and #mydadmyhero which capture the essence of the relationship between fathers and their children in a very heart-warming way.


  • Gillette- Go Ask Dad

It is general knowledge that most of the kids today turn towards the internet for answers rather than their dads and every dad wants to be there to guide you when you need some advice or even to teach their sons all the basic life hacks like fixing a tie, shaving etc. Gillette has created a digital campaign showing that it is best to go ask dad than go to the internet sometimes because they know their children better than search engines do.


  • Cheerios

Cheerios showcases casual and fun father-child moments which everyone can relate to. There was also a #howtodad campaign aimed at breaking stereotypes and giving fatherhood a positive outlook. Last year, there was a viral Cheerio stack challenge which was about fun loving dads stacking cheerios on their sleeping babies!


  • Google

Google released a digital advertisement called ‘Dear Sophie’ for Google Chrome. It tells a story about a dad creating a digital scrapbook for his daughter, Sophie, through emails using Google products like Gmail, Google Maps, etc. He shares the details of everything starting from her birth to all notable events that she wouldn’t remember when she grows up. He gives Sophie a glimpse of how it was watching her grow up until the day she’s old enough to see this and cherish the memories.


  • Oreo

Oreo has always created advertisements with the father-child theme as the central element. We see either a father and a son or a father and a daughter bonding over Oreo. Oreo created Facebook campaigns like ‘Dear Dad’ and ‘Wish for Dad’ to celebrate Fatherhood in a different way. The ‘Wish for Dad’ campaign was about kids making wishes involving their dads and themselves. The brand then chose ten lucky winners and made their wishes come true.




We hope you all make this Father’s day a very special one for your dads and if you are a father, we wish you a very Happy Father’s Day!