The Show Still goes on with Work from Home Measures

04th Apr 2020 Posted By Faheem Ahmed

With the massive outbreak of Covid-19, the world at large, more or less seems to have come to a grinding halt. In these hard-hitting times, companies and enterprises have resorted to implement work from home policies to safeguard the health and welfare of associates. Working from home not as simple as it sounds? Well, below are a few ways in which employees are working from home effectively, all the while maintaining an official decorum. And we should know! For at BYT, we have a few resources who have been working from home and also onsite for years together.

  1. Set up a schedule or routine: Employees the world over adhere to stringent guidelines by almost never dropping the ball when it comes to meeting deadlines. Yup, when the going gets tough…you know the rest!

  2. Managing delivery of work: Employees have managed to do their work effortlessly, despite being away from a professional workspace. This has been carried out by seamlessly evaluating the tasks both at hand & in their mailboxes.  

  3. Being responsive to clients: As an integral cog in the whole scheme of things, associates update colleagues and clients alike on their status and progress of work. With hi-speed Wi-Fi and mobile data. Here’s a small tip – get your gizmo buddy to fix any technical snags that you may run into. But yes, remotely. Social distancing has to be your tagline now!

  4. Planning well ahead: So there is a topical or trending theme that has cropped up. Sure, you need to jump on board and get cracking on ideas for clients. But these would be few and far between, correct? As a mindful resource, you could plan your content and advertising budget well ahead of time. At BYT, we prepare our work well before time, get client approvals and schedule the ads basis the content calendar. Yes, well begun is half done.

  5. Zoom: Improve your productivity better with Zoom calls. Conduct an e-meeting, interact with clients and colleagues, share screens…get everyone on the same page, or rather, the same screen.

  6. WhatsApp: Keep your data on all through your work hours like you would have done prior to the lock-down scenario. Who knows, there just could be that 1 message that requires your intervention!             

  7. Teamwork: Here’s a lifesaver for employees who work from different office spaces and locations. A work and project management tool, Teamwork is ideal for collaboration, visibility, accountability, and finally, results. Place a job request, assign it to a TL / PL on it and track its status and delivery time successfully.

  8. Staying presentable: Yes, you have been permitted to work from home. But, count your blessings and lose those pajamas. Dedicate a work space that’s not your bed or sloppy couch. Rather than being passive in your approach while you’re at home, take the onus of your work; dress, look and work sharp.

  9. Shut out social media: Avoid Facebook and Instagram like the plague! To borrow a millennial catchphrase, there’s no reason for FOMO if you aren’t updated about the latest viral trend on either platform. But then again, if you’re in social media, get your clients to cash in on the latest buzz. You wouldn’t check Instagram in your workplace; remember to respect your work even while at home.

  10. Don’t skip mails or meals: Regardless of the fact you’re on CC on a fresh mail that’s in, take time out to know what the deal is. Get clarity on communication as you stay connected from home. At the end of the imposed quarantine, you definitely need to get back to work in the pink of health. That would obviously translate to eating on time and eating right. No, don’t give in to those unwarranted snack alerts.   

  11. Be diligent and pro-active: You may not be under the scanner; but take the reins – you’re your own boss. The team lead has trusted you enough to let you work from home in these uncertain times. Do not take advantage of his blind faith in you. Be accountable to yourself. Stay resolutely diligent and continually pro-active in your approach towards work.

Let’s end on a hopeful note that this cloud too shall pass. Can you spot the silver lining?