Social Media Marketing

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A social media website like Facebook has over a billion users across the globe and Twitter statistics show that there is an average of over 100 tweets a second. An average Facebook user has over 125 friends and this trend is rising fanatically. Can you afford to miss such a big marketing opportunity?

As of July 2013, there are 84 millions Facebook users in India. Traffic driving strategies in Social Media Marketing are immensely varied and niche-dependent making it the most flexible option to drive the most relevant traffic to your online business presence. A Facebook fan page, Twitter profile, YouTube channel have become as vital to a business as a business card & website.

From small mom & pop shops to large enterprises, every business finds itself on social media yearning to engage with its consumers. Between the dozens of “social media gurus” & “social media experts”, how do you choose the right company to work with you on your social media strategy?

As a social media marketing company, we have learnt working in the trenches and evolving social media strategies for companies & brands.

We have been credited with building India’s leading fashion page with over one million fans which involved creation of strategy, execution to perfection with innovative social advertising & use of Facebook apps. Because of the concerted effort,  “more no. of people search on Google for this apparel brand compared to India’s leading apparel brand”.

Our client, a Chennai furniture stores chain is the most searched furniture brand, in Chennai. BYT’s social media team has extensive experience building social media strategies and executing them to win engaging audiences on various social media platforms.

To give you a brief overview, social media marketing is the latest internet marketing tool that makes use of online resources like blogs, social networks, wikis and many others to market products and service in addition to aiding in customer service, sales and public relations. Many companies and brands have already begun to make use of the social media platform for the purposes mentioned above to connect with their existing as well as future customers to promote their brands.

At BYT, we help you create a social media marketing strategy using social media networks such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, among-st many others. Our objective of creating such a platform on your behalf is to assemble a social media strategy that would result in building a sustainable fan community of your consumers.

The advantages of Social Media Marketing

Branding and word-of-mouth recognition in the online world Enhancing sales and marketing efforts Managing your online reputation Generating new online leads for your business Platform for sustainable public relations

Where does BYT come in?

With our highly skilled professionals, we can help you create a unique buzz using Social Media Marketing by bringing its special benefits to augment your marketing efforts and enhance your brand equity online.

Our activities include but are not limited to building and managing Facebook fan pages, multiple Twitter profiles and platforms specific to the social network in question. In addition to our development services tasks, we also help in creation (from scratch) and independent management of viral marketing campaigns that would bring in fans in hundreds and thousands.

We have a team of trained and experienced Social Media Marketing experts in-house who are ready to consult and help your marketing team to design and manage Social Media Marketing campaigns like quizzes, polls, sweepstakes etc.

At BYT, our experience and expertise is not just limited to creating Facebook fan pages and Twitter profiles but also goes much further to developing social media applications like Facebook contests.

Experience our services and get the feel of the “just right” Social Media Marketing. Your online positioning will speak for our quality work and proficiency in the field. At BYT,  you get the benefit of marketing, advertising & social application development. The three critical services that are going to be vital for your social media success. This is why BYT is an all-round Social Media Marketing company.