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SEO optimization services is one of the many specialties BYT offers clients in India and abroad. As an SEO services provider, BYT provides on-page and off-page optimization to bring your website on page 1 of search engine results

Over 85% of visitors to your website come from search engines and if your website does not come up on them you could lose potential traffic & thereby, business from your website.

Search engine marketing is a part and parcel of any holistic internet marketing strategy and is a very critical component. The objective of any search engine optimization process is to get your website ranked on top of search engines for given keywords or key phrases related to your niche. Such placement ensures that you get the maximum traffic since analysis shows that for any search performed by a visitor, the top half page of the search engine receives the maximum number of clicks that translate into visits to your website.

At BYT, we offer SEO services that are extremely critical to your search engine optimization efforts. Being a complete SEO company, our SEO services include but are not limited to:

  • On-page search engine optimization services.
  • Off-page search engine optimization services.
  • SERP management and traffic analysis.
  • Promoting your website amongst online directories, forums and blogs.


A recent study reflects that a customer is more likely to buy your products or services by finding your website on a search engine than by visiting your website through online advertising. When a customer finds your page on organic results as well as paid ads, the changes of conversion are significantly higher. Equate this with the fact that there are over 14 billion searches a month, all catered to free by search engines and you can imagine the results. Search engine results have a better conversion rate than other means of internet advertising.

Using our SEO services, you will

  • Enjoy top search engine rankings, more traffic and a huge ROI.
  • Our SEO services not only bring you top search engine rankings but also leverage social media and integrate other forms of search engine advertising like Pay-Per-Click.
  • Since we follow only “White Hat” practices, you can be assured that all results coming out of our SEO services are generic and long-lasting.
  • Each SEO consultant that we hire is an experienced professional and has the skills, experience, and knowledge and understands the SEO processes fully.
  • Combined with our domain experience, we make sure that each SEO consultant has expert knowledge in a particular domain to get the best results for you.


All our SEO expertise stems from our professional SEO team which is highly experienced and capable of designing a detailed SEO strategy before executing it. This approach has made BYT the SEO service provider of choice for Indian and International companies. If you are looking at low-cost search engine optimization services, look no further. When it comes to SEO services Chennai offers distinct cost advantages, that BYT transfers to you, along with assured results.

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