Prioritise Delivery to People Who Plan to Travel Using Trip Consideration

28th Mar 2018 Posted By Faheem Ahmed

When you make your ‘Optimisation for Ad Delivery’ choice for an ad set, you’re ideally choosing how you want to deliver ads to people depending on what you’re trying to achieve. The selection you make affects who sees your ads and gets you the best results at the most affordable costs. The new optimisation option reaches trip-takers even in the early stages of their travel plans.



When you activate trip consideration, the ads are optimised to be delivered to people who have shown a general intent to travel but have not really established a target destination yet. For example, people land on the home pages of several travel sites that they browse. The earlier dynamic travel ads would only retarget sites while trip consideration even targets an audience in the absolute nascent stages of travel.

Advantages of using trip consideration:

  • The setup is simplified and no catalogue is required.
  • Achieve creative flexibility by defining the specific creative you want to use.
  • Reach out to people who show an intent of travel
  • Combine this feature with other audience targeting strategies to enhance your existing audience


You must have a pixel implemented to use the trip consideration feature.

Setting it up

  • Select the ‘Conversions’ objective under ‘Ads Manager’
  • Then choose ‘Audience’ to define who should see your ads at the ad set level
  • Finally, select your ‘Placements’

Note: On top of campaigns that use this feature, you can also add audience targeting. The targeting parameters act as an audience filter when you use it.  You can optimise for people who have a travel intent within that audience after the parameters have been applied.

Selecting the appropriate budget & schedule

  • Choose how you want us to deliver ads to people under ‘Optimisation for Ad Delivery’
  • From the drop-down menu select an option
  • To prioritise delivery to people who plan to travel, toggle on the option
  • Continue with the completion of the ‘Optimisation & Delivery’ options.
  • Select your ‘Identity’, ‘Format’ and ‘Links’ at the Ad level

Note: Use creative to showcase top travel deals, popular destinations/inspirational destinations, or brand-building creative.

  • To see your selections or Confirm to place your ad click ‘Review’

Best Practices

Targeting and audience: When using trip consideration, it is recommended that you select a broad audience. Narrow targeting or using a smaller audience size may result in a poor delivery. Use an audience size of 7M or larger to get the best results. You can utilise the trip consideration feature in addition to your existing targeting techniques. Whenever possible, it is recommended that you maximise your audience size.

Optimisation: To optimise for search and to initiate checkout or purchase events, use the website conversion objective.

Bidding: Maximise your deliveries with autobid. Even after 3 days or after fulfilling about 80% or more of your daily budget, if your campaign is delivering well, then you can test for specific bid targets especially if your cost per conversion is away above your target.

Campaign duration: Running trip consideration on an always-on basis will only increase your potential for reaching people who are demonstrating fresh travel intents. It is best to utilise trip consideration as an always-on strategy because Facebook is constantly optimising this feature.

Measure your successes: Evaluate the success of trip consideration by analysing its impact on the event that you are optimising. For example, you can measure the cost per search and volume of searches if you are optimising search events.

Creative options: There are several creative options available for trip consideration. You can showcase a carousel of popular destinations or display various types of trips and vacations that people can take or using an inspirational travel creative you can highlight the value proposition of your brand. Test the several creative options available to improve your performance.