Online Advertising

Online advertising makes perfect business sense especially if you are looking to grow your online business. At BYT, we are adept at helping you choose between various online advertising options to get the best results on a fixed budget. Since we cater to all online advertising needs that include banner ads in portals, Pay Per Click (PPC), Adsense, Yahoo & Bing advertising, BYT would be your logical choice to choose, begin and maintain your online advertising campaigns.

Search Engine Marketing

With integrated SEO services and perfected keyword research, we can help you choose the perfect phrases and terms that should be used to bring your company to the forefront of your competition. Our online advertising campaigns are geared to attract your target visitors and are strategized to convert visitors into consumers. Our SEO services include search marketing campaigns that target Google, Bing and Yahoo. We undertake these campaigns using the best available resources by judging their suitability to your online business niche.

We undertake CPM (Cost per impressions) approach as opposed to CPC (Cost per click) with a few exceptions. CPM has proven to be a more effective method of online advertising. In case of CPC, you will end up spending more usually since the cost is calculated as $X per click while in case of CPM, you pay $Y per set number of impressions (a web advertisement) irrespective of the number of clicks it attracts.

Social Advertising

Social Advertising as opposed to Search advertising is based on social actions & social demographics of consumers and networks on Facebook.

Social advertising or Facebook Advertising has quickly gained traction in the marketer’s online spending. With Facebook becoming the most visited website across the globe after Google, it has also evolved as a great platform for online advertising. Anyone intending to grow big in online business cannot ignore the potential that the Facebook advertising platform offers.

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While building an online marketing strategy, it is important to fully understand the importance of each of the above with respect to the target audience and the niche under consideration. At BYT, we can build you online advertising campaigns from scratch by applying your needs to our market experience. BYT has a strong expertise in planning and implementing various online advertising campaigns. Our media planners will help you put together the best plan for your target group & the budget available.

Get in touch with us to find out how we can help you plan your online advertising needs. We will show you how we have helped brands succeed with online advertising.