Is 2017 the Era of Digital Marketing?

26th Jun 2017 Posted By Faheem Ahmed

The Digital Marketing ecosystem is a vast space that is growing with every new upgrade in digital platforms across devices. The massive development of Digital Marketing has paved way for businesses to get to a bigger platform and has also created a lot of employment opportunities.

Digital Marketing is something that has been happening for a while now and with every giant technological leap, it is taking a new avatar! From the advent of the internet to adoption of smart phones in our daily lives, Digital Marketing has come a long way.

Importance of Adoption

There were times when small businesses did not think Digital Marketing was necessary for them; there were times when entrepreneurs thought it was not possible to calculate the Return on Investment in Digital Marketing and so many other speculations. However,  today, the popularity of Digital Marketing is increasingly growing even in tier II and tier III cities. Entrepreneurs understand that the Digital Marketing realm has deep roots. It has become a mandatory part of every business, brand and company. The digital era has also given rise to social influencers who are individuals who market themselves on social media avenues like Instagram & Youtube.

Role of Technology

Technology has contributed majorly to the growth of Digital Marketing and the software upgrades and updates in digital platforms have a huge impact on Digital Marketing. There are technology experts who offer efficient solutions to the complex problems that challenge digital marketers. For instance, Google announced the launch of Google Attribution recently which enables marketers to accurately understand the conversion path of prospects to clients.

Pace of the Industry

In today’s dynamic business environment, there must be constant and effective communication at every touchpoint throughout the journey of a customer from discovery to purchase. Digital Marketing is not a slow process anymore and a business cannot afford to have any gaps in communication, especially with competitors who are equipped with the right weapons. Digital Marketing is ever-changing and it is essential for every brand to be forerunners. There must be a new Digital Marketing venture almost every day, especially in Social Media platforms like Instagram and Facebook among others,  which requires fresh content on a daily basis.  

2017 can be called the Golden Era of Digital Marketing because of the tolerance towards adoption, which allows the industry to grow bigger and better. We see everything coming together like advancement in technology, specialized marketing trends and techniques, collection of data and insights, conversion attribution, integration of marketing avenues, etc. making it a wholesome and personalized experience for the prospective consumers. Incorporation of Digital Marketing with all the business operations ultimately generates revenue and rewards your business. If you’re looking to venture into Digital Marketing, now is the right time!

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