Instagram Trends to Keep an Eye on in 2020

19th Feb 2020 Posted By Faheem Ahmed

Instagram has been churning new parameters ever since it launched back in 2010. Over time, demographics and social attitudes have left an indelible mark and created new trends that require emphasis and attention. So right at the start of the New Year keep yourself informed and stay abreast. Keep reading to know about the developments in the year that was and what we can expect in 2020.

Hidden likes

Instagram is introducing some bitter medicine in 2020 for influencers and users around the world but focusing especially on Canada and Australia. A project that hid likes is now expanding to more countries and according to the Instagram CEO is part of an effort to make Instagram the safest place on the Internet. Likes are not visible to followers in the “private likes” design but users can still find out where they stand.
Instagram is hiding ‘like counts’ on accounts as part of tests it began conducting in 2019. This was a pill to manage health issues among very young people obsessing about their Instagram status and keeping a desperate eye on their like counters rather than more important facets of their lives.
But analysts have pointed yet another reason that Instagram came up with this change – the need to increase posts. Posts have been showing a decline. The number of posts by influencers it appears is coming down to two posts a week.

“As you scroll through your feed, there are no like counts,” explained Mark Zuckerberg at F8. “You can see who liked a photo or video, you can tap through to see [the list], and if you have the time you can add them all up yourself.”

This was caused by influencers posting only highly edited and polished content on their feeds, in an attempt to stay connected with their followers. Also since the launch of Stories, users have been spending a lot more time in the space instead of the regular feed where the ad money is still concentrated. Hiding likes is expected to increase the content posted to the regular timelines and also improve the content by drawing more raw and authentic posts that are a bigger draw.
Instagram wants influencers especially young people to focus on the spontaneous quality of their posts rather than making them ‘picture perfect’.


Nano-influencers (less than 20k) are the new flavour of 2020 on Instagram. In 2019 the talk was about micro-influencers (10-100k). Nano-influencers have gained on the backs of micro-influencers as they have greater credibility with the users. As their recommendations are real, users show a lot of trust in whatever they endorse. Yeah, they are ordinary folk, who users feel have no axe to grind or are not doing a commercial for any product. Their word is now being treated as a “trusted recommendation from a friend”. Their accounts do not have the feel of a full-time major influencer’s timeline with all the bells and whistles that make up a prime-time campaign. Popular brands such as Mejuri, Golde and Glossier are using the ‘trusted recommendation’ trend as part of affiliate programs for their customers.

A prime example is Lexie Carbone who has 5,700 followers and links from her landing page to her preferred accessory and beauty products with a discount thrown in.

2.Supporting important causes

Instagram has a new cause now and it’s not likes or shopping or browsing. Users, especially business accounts realise that their audience want to know what their views on critical issues like the environment are. Users are more likely to connect with accounts that have a clear policy on issues that matter to them or are heavily invested because of morality. Content that has outreach value is the best way to network with a wider audience for large firms that need a positive personality and want the audience to know they are supportive of causes like climate change. The best way to do this is via CSR programs. These efforts must be genuine and reflect a well-established policy.

3.Authentic content

Instagram has seen the revival of real-life content and the need to make it purer and allow it to carry its raw origins. Content is now being sourced directly with negligible processing. This trend began in 2019 and is continuing into 2020. Content is better received when there is less or no packaging. Spontaneous content has a much better impact with the users and is getting the best response across the board. Dressing up and elaborate makeovers for content before presentation reduce the appeal of the content and most except the major-influencers are presenting their matter as it comes with minimal interference or attempts at modification. Influencers are getting the attention of their audience by being themselves and giving their followers an honest, unvarnished look at their products and lives. Audience expectations are perceptibly changing with the emphasis less on appearance and more on genuine inputs that help the users and customers make the right decision.

Humans of NY has pictured the people of New York in their element, without digital enhancements, taken as they are — and prospered as a consequence.

4.Instagram drawing content from Twitter

Engaging content from other platforms is lighting up Instagram and making it a more attractive and responsive place. Feeds or memes from other sources give the mother platform a nested feel. Similar to Stories finding a placement on Facebook, Instagram is drawing Tweets and memes aplenty, thus broadening the appeal of an already burgeoning platform. Twitter is a significant development in the crossover. There has been an explosion in the sharing of screenshots of tweets in Instagram posts and Stories.

This can be used to validate your Instagram posts or Stories and adds a variety element that brings in some humor and allows your viewers the means to know what’s happening on diverse media platforms and the issues that are trending and largely away from your main areas of interest.

5.New adventures with the ‘Explore’ tab

The explore tab on Instagram gives users a portal to new content and find new people and ideas. This allows them the means to examine other interests beyond their usual comfort zones. Millions of users are checking the Explore tab, which just emphasizes how important it is. For advertisers and entrepreneurs, this is the perfect opportunity to be seen and get the customer to initiate a transaction and close a deal.

Instagram’s Explore page comprises posts liked by people whose posts you’ve liked, posts from accounts similar to those that you follow, and posts with high engagement. In this way, Explore selects posts to show you, without being hemmed in by whom you follow and what you claim to like.

Getting on the Explore page is never going to be easy. It will reflect the algorithm’s calculation of posts that really matter and draw a lot of likes and get the most attention. Targeting the customer’s Explore area and finding a place there will be a factor of gauging the customer’s preferences and their social profiles accurately.

6.Instagram features interactivity utilities

Interactive content is among the big trends on Instagram. The platform is replete with plenty of utilities to make this process smooth and helps you get your content synced with the current mood amongst a large chunk of users. Stories have included polls, quizzes and questions that permit users the means to communicate and interact with the creators of the content and posts.
These generate interest in the posted topic and create some buzz around the subject allowing you to gain traction with those who enjoy your content.

The road ahead

Using the developing Instagram trends strategically and tactically are important because of what they show you how your market or the targeted demographic is developing or maturing.
Social media is device-based so everything is trackable and measurable. It shows you the social mores in commercial and marketable terms and allows you to use market metrics to grow your business and achieve your goals.