Facebook Social Plug-ins

The biggest advantage of social media like Facebook is that you can make it work even when you are not on Facebook. And we know just how to make that happen.

Facebook’s social plug-ins have become an integral part of every website that wants to be seen or heard. Along with flawlessly integrating Facebook social plug-ins with your website and marketing activities, we can help you select plug-ins that will help you get optimal results when it comes to reaching your audience, and your marketing goals.

BYT can help you:

  • Implement Facebook connect as another authentication system for your web application and portals – in short help your visitors ‘Login with Facebook’.
  • Integrate the ‘Like’ button.
  • Integrate new Actions like ‘Listen’ ‘Read’ ‘Saw’ and other such verbs as per the latest updates to Facebook API.
  • Implement the powerful Facebook comments plug-in within your website & web app.
  • Let your fans know what you’re up to using the new Facebook timeline.
  • Get fans to recommend you.
  • Get fans to sign up using Facebook IDs.
  • Display profile pictures of fans who are on your site using Facebook live stream and other plug-ins.

and a lot more.

Check out our Facebook Apps Portoflio to see how we have used facebook social plugins