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Know Your Booster Juice

What’s the easiest way to get close to your Facebook fans? Let them get to know you really well, and then reward them for it!

The Know Your Booster Juice Facebook App does just that. With a few very simple, yet very pertinent questions, it ensures a place in the mind of every Facebook user who tries it. The app asks three very simple but product-oriented questions that reiterate what the brand is all about, drive home product information and are as easy as ever!

This app is also one of the best ways to gauge to penetration of non-digital marketing efforts. By changing the complexity of questions, it clearly shows you how well people have been paying attention to TV or Print ads and the extent of brand recall. This Facebook app can easily be customized to suit any brand’s product or service.

Basics Matchup Challenge

Considering that Facebook users spend almost 30 hours every month on the site, you had better give them something to do! The Basics Matchup Challenge, a Facebook app developed for Basics Life, one of India’s leading fashion brand for men, does just that.

Ever found yourself struggling to become memorable? The Basics Matchup Challenge builds on the concept of an extremely popular memory game, and has users match various Basics Life posters, graphics and models correctly. The Facebook user with the best time wins a gift hamper or a cool giveaway.

There was never a better way to get under the skin and into the mind of your audience. It’s one of the best ways to promote brand awareness, and increase users’ familiarity with your logos, models, graphics and brand. A highly customizable Facebook app, it times a user and lets him share his best with his friends.

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