Facebook Application Development

Nothing leverages your brand like a well-designed and engaging Facebook app.


BYT’s dedicated, in-house team of Facebook apps developers understands this and works with you to create Facebook apps & Facebook contests that are :

  • Interesting and Practical
  • Woven into your overall marketing campaign
  • Result-oriented
  • Viral and Engaging

Our success stories with Facebook app development come from a sound understanding of the Facebook API, particularly the Open Graph API, OAuth 2.0 and FQL (Facebook Query Language), and the ability to apply that understanding to your specific Facebook marketing needs and goals. We do this by employing:

  • Creative, Out-of-the-box thinking
  • Excellent sense of aesthetics and design
  • Keen eye for what’s compliant with Facebook and Facebook’s application guidelines’ policy.
  • Finger on the pulse of your target audience on Facebook.

These capabilities that have helped BYT Social’s marketing create successful Facebook campaigns and application in India & globally for various brands and companies.

With our experience as Facebook apps developers, we know that deploying the app is only part of the battle. Therefore BYT Social offers continuous support in tracking your apps’ progress, troubleshooting problems as they arise and gathering usage data. Essentially, we know what we do, and we do it all the way.

Nothing leverages your brand on facebook like a well-designed and engaging app. And nothing leverages your app, like BYT Social.

Contact us today to know how you can be our next success story!