The Show Still goes on with Work from Home Measures

04th Apr 2020 Posted By Faheem Ahmed

With the massive outbreak of Covid-19, the world at large, more or less seems to have come to a grinding halt. In these hard-hitting times, companies and enterprises have resorted to implement work from home policies to safeguard the health and welfare of associates. Working from home not as simple as it sounds? Well, below […]

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Instagram Trends to Keep an Eye on in 2020

19th Feb 2020 Posted By Faheem Ahmed

Instagram has been churning new parameters ever since it launched back in 2010. Over time, demographics and social attitudes have left an indelible mark and created new trends that require emphasis and attention. So right at the start of the New Year keep yourself informed and stay abreast. Keep reading to know about the developments […]

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15 Content Marketing Mistakes You’re Still Making and How to Avoid Them

09th Nov 2019 Posted By Faheem Ahmed

Content marketing aims to grab a customer’s attention by supplying them with free, high-quality content. Content is of many types; however, the two main brackets all content comes under are written word and audio-visual. Content marketing is the most effective online marketing strategy. It is because content supplies the means to build a deeper relationship […]

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9 Quick Steps to Improve Website Speed on Mobile

19th Oct 2019 Posted By Faheem Ahmed

Mobile phones have accounted for half of all website traffic in 2019 to date – which indicates that people are more likely to visit your site on a mobile than they are on a laptop or PC. Therefore, having your website work flawlessly on mobile phones is quintessential to increasing conversion rates and boosting sales. […]

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6 Instagram Post & Story Ideas + 1 Bonus to Spice up Your Account

14th Oct 2019 Posted By Faheem Ahmed

The decline of Twitter and Facebook, due to internal and external factors, happened in tandem with the rise of Instagram. This visual-led social media platform has images in the forefront of how people experience the content. Videos or pictures speak 1000 words or more than what a long blog can ever hope to communicate, and […]

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7 Best Practices to Write Winning Google Ads

26th Sep 2019 Posted By Faheem Ahmed

For brands, being seen and remembered is half the battle won in the pre-digital era. But now your brand needs to be seen FIRST – to ensure you get the clicks and swipes. One of the most valuable advertising tactics in this digital era is search engine marketing (SEM). Search engines are how the world […]

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Why eCommerce Brands Require Native Ads to Succeed

Posted By Faheem Ahmed

People hate interruptions. They are used to skipping TV channels when commercials air and closing banners in the web browser before even reading what it says, to continue doing what they were doing – consuming the content they want. In the age of OTT platforms and apps, the consumers have the power to choose from […]

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Why Should Small And Medium Businesses Advertise Online?

29th Aug 2019 Posted By Faheem Ahmed

If you have just set up shop, or are a business extraordinaire, I am sure you have set specific goals for the growth of your business. It might include increasing sales, improving brand recognition, attracting more traffic to the website or acquiring new leads.  Advertising online can help you realize all these goals, quickly and […]

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26th Jul 2019 Posted By Faheem Ahmed

One of the hardest things to do is to make things simple.Companies have made a fortune trying to make life easy. But making things easy come at a cost. Couple that with the rapid innovation and companies trying to jump on the bandwagon, technologies powering these businesses rarely remain the same. So where does it […]

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Essential Skills to Become A Digital Marketer in 2019

11th Jul 2019 Posted By Faheem Ahmed

Are you planning to pursue digital marketing as a career option? If that sounds relatable, stick around till the end because in this article I’ll share 30 skills on how to become a successful digital marketer. The article is divided into various sections for you to better understand and skim through it quickly. Let’s dive […]

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What is Performance Marketing? An In-depth Guide for 2019

17th Jun 2019 Posted By Faheem Ahmed

Bloggers, affiliate marketers, and entrepreneurs often try different sales and marketing tactics to reach more people, increase sales revenue, and achieve brand positioning.   Have you ever come across the term performance marketing? Does Cost-per-action ring a bell? You surely must have heard about clicks, lead generation, and conversion rate during online marketing discussions or […]

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How to create a social media marketing strategy in 7 steps

20th May 2019 Posted By Faheem Ahmed

Having a plan is an essential step for successful social media marketing. Understanding what your goals are, who your target audience is and their needs allow a business to attain best results on social media. Moreover, it’s essential to develop an excellent social media marketing strategy to grow your brand on social media and manage […]

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Why Email Marketing Is The Most Lucrative Way To Monetize Traffic

Posted By Faheem Ahmed

Marketers have the responsibility to get the most out of every digital asset and generate more business in any way possible. A smart marketer is always on the look out for relevant and profound marketing channels through which they can acquire more customers with maximum ROI. There are dozens of digital marketing channels through which […]

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15 Amazing Marketing Automation Software That Helps To Boost Your Business In 2019

16th May 2019 Posted By Faheem Ahmed

In the marketing industry that’s forever in a flux, marketers look towards ideal solutions to speed up work by automating their business. Any business requires 360° activities to be market-ready. Social media, email automation, graphic design and ads’ creation activities, to name just a few. That said,managing a business single-handedly (or without the softwares) couldprove […]

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The Digital Takeover: Digital Ad Spends in 2019

05th Mar 2019 Posted By Faheem Ahmed

It’s finally happening. The thing marketers have always anticipated, but very few have openly admitted: Digital Marketing has finally taken over ‘conventional’ marketing avenues like radio, television and newspapers – at least in the US. But it won’t be taking much longer elsewhere either. In 2018, US marketers spent roughly the same on both – […]

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Prioritise Delivery to People Who Plan to Travel Using Trip Consideration

28th Mar 2018 Posted By Faheem Ahmed

When you make your ‘Optimisation for Ad Delivery’ choice for an ad set, you’re ideally choosing how you want to deliver ads to people depending on what you’re trying to achieve. The selection you make affects who sees your ads and gets you the best results at the most affordable costs. The new optimisation option […]

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Snapchat – Make way for the new e-com platform

24th Feb 2018 Posted By Faheem Ahmed

Nike slamdunked its way to Snapchat record books by clocking incredible sales of its stunning sneakers – Air Jordan 3 JTH. Coming in with barely a whisper, it exited in loud decibels, in 23 minutes, flat. Beat that! Pic courtesy: highsnobiety So, what was the brouhaha all about? And how exactly did Snapchat ace it? Beyond […]

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Top 5 Reasons why PPC Matters for Internet Marketing

22nd Feb 2018 Posted By Faheem Ahmed

PPC (pay per click advertising) is one of the most important components of web marketing. It is also significant for the success of your online business. With PPC, small businesses can see a quick, controlled and profitable growth of their online business. Reach your potential customers using Facebook Ads, Google Adwords and Twitter to promote […]

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5 Reasons why Backlinks are Vital for Web Marketing

02nd Feb 2018 Posted By Faheem Ahmed

How would you like to get more traffic to your website? How much does your business reputation matter to you? If you have answered “You bet” to even one of these questions, then you might as well pay attention to the backlinks on your website. There are several reasons why backlinks are vital to your […]

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Mark Zuckerberg & the Fallout of January 12, 2018

13th Jan 2018 Posted By Faheem Ahmed

‘Let’s get to work’ has easily transitioned to ‘let’s start something new’. Every day. And yes, that definitely seems to be the mantra of Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg recently made an announcement that he’s doing a year-long overhaul of Facebook feeds. Let’s catch up on the action. Here’s a ring-side view of what’s in store for […]

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Social Media Consulting

Posted By Faheem Ahmed

Once you sign BYT up, we become the eyes, ears and voice of your brand online. Nothing is overlooked; no issue is unheeded. The moment we take over as brand custodians, we extend our services to complete ownership of the brand when it comes to marketing and advertising. Keep reading to know more about our […]

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Life at BYT

02nd Jan 2018 Posted By Faheem Ahmed

You are in good company It all boils down to one thing. Passion. If you’re in love with your job, you know you’re in good company. Or to be more specific, right here at BYT Digital. The atmosphere and the buzz at work are electric as well as energetic. The contagious happy nature of the […]

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4 Digital Media Myths Busted

29th Dec 2017 Posted By Faheem Ahmed

1. I have an in-house digital marketing person. Why do I need an agency? You’re not alone in your thinking. Before BYT is signed up by any client and takes over their digital marketing, that has been the case with almost every client. While they have a single resource to write, design, advertise & strategize, […]

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9 Digital Marketing Trends to Watch in 2018

30th Nov 2017 Posted By Faheem Ahmed

With the close of an eventful yet fluctuating year, what must one keep an eye out for in 2018? Alright, the world can glide by. Time to stay focused and switch off from the world outside and switch on life in digital space. Here are the nine tentative digital predictions for the coming year.    […]

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Artificial Intelligence is Catching up and Zipping ahead

09th Nov 2017 Posted By Faheem Ahmed

The term Artificial Intelligence [AI] was coined by John McCarthy – an American computer scientist- back in 1956. AI has been slowly, yet steadily creeping into life spaces, and especially workspaces. Going by the winds of change in the IT world, it is no myth that AI is set to overtake homo sapiens. For instance, […]

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Is 2017 the Era of Digital Marketing?

26th Jun 2017 Posted By Faheem Ahmed

The Digital Marketing ecosystem is a vast space that is growing with every new upgrade in digital platforms across devices. The massive development of Digital Marketing has paved way for businesses to get to a bigger platform and has also created a lot of employment opportunities. Digital Marketing is something that has been happening for […]

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Can Social Media affect Purchasing Decisions?

23rd Jun 2017 Posted By Faheem Ahmed

In this era of Digital Marketing, Social Media is an important factor which largely affects purchasing decisions. Social Media enables customer engagement by allowing them to like and follow various brands on Facebook, Instagram and other Social Media platforms. This certainly makes it easier for brands to directly target the prospects and influence their purchasing decisions. […]

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Top 5 Digital Marketing Campaigns for Father’s Day

18th Jun 2017 Posted By Faheem Ahmed

More often than not, the media portrays fathers as just  overgrown children, but there is definitely much more to them. Some of the big brands have taken their side to celebrate Father’s day and spread the positive spirit. Here is our list of the Top 5 Digital Marketing Campaigns for Father’s Day. Dove Men + […]

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7 things you did not know about Digital Marketing

16th Jun 2017 Posted By Faheem Ahmed

The growth of Digital Marketing in the recent years has been phenomenal. Most of the consumers today research online before making a purchase or approaching a business which means that there is a great opportunity for your business to gain new prospects.However, there are some general features about Digital Marketing which are not widely known, which […]

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Here’s how you can Boost Brand Awareness with Instagram Stories

15th Jun 2017 Posted By Faheem Ahmed

Swipe-up to Boost Brand Awareness!  The attention span of the consumer is becoming shorter by the minute and Instagram stories offers brands the option to post ephemeral content. Instagram stories enable brands to create unique content to attract more followers or prospects of the brand. With Instagram stories, you can reach your targets and convey your […]

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5 Signs your Business needs Digital Marketing

09th Jun 2017 Posted By Faheem Ahmed

Digital Marketing is a universal concept that applies to all the industries and businesses of all sizes. If your prospective clients are online and you are not, you could miss out on great business opportunities and it could be worse if your competitors are ahead of you. Here are 5 signs which show that your […]

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Top 20 Digital Marketing Courses Available in India

08th Jun 2017 Posted By Faheem Ahmed

Gone are the days when an entrepreneur was a jack of all trades. Today, a business has many dimensions that require specific skills and technical know-how. Digital Marketing is one such aspect which has become inevitable. With the vast growth in the Digital Marketing industry, the demand for professionals has significantly increased. The opportunities in […]

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What Blockchain Technology means for the future of Digital Marketing

07th Jun 2017 Posted By Faheem Ahmed

Blockchain technology is a revolutionary software which is expected to be the next big thing, as various industries are trying to forecast its effects and adopt the technology. It is a disruptive technology which is highly transparent and decentralized. Blockchain technology is nothing but a huge database with blocks of data connected to one another […]

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Google attribution, the new holy grail for digital marketing?

05th Jun 2017 Posted By Faheem Ahmed

Google announced the launch of Google Attribution at the Google Marketing Next conference held in San Francisco recently. Google attribution is a revised version of a multichannel attribution service called Adometry which Google acquired in 2014. This is big news for the digital marketing industry as Google Attribution claims to fill the gaps in monitoring […]

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Digital Marketing Strategy & Trends in 2015-Faheem Ahmed at SEMPO Dec 2014

15th Dec 2014 Posted By Byt

When the organizer @Ezhil Raja of Cognizant asked me if I can speak at SEMPO, I jumped at the idea & said “YES”. (Ezhil & his team put in phenomenal effort to make this a success)

I thought “You don’t want to miss an opportunity to speak in front all the awesome folks there & also learn from the speakers whose work I respect a lot”

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