Here’s how you can Boost Brand Awareness with Instagram Stories

15th Jun 2017 Posted By Faheem Ahmed

Swipe-up to Boost Brand Awareness! 

The attention span of the consumer is becoming shorter by the minute and Instagram stories offers brands the option to post ephemeral content. Instagram stories enable brands to create unique content to attract more followers or prospects of the brand. With Instagram stories, you can reach your targets and convey your brand’s message with precision. Here’s how you can boost brand awareness with Instagram stories.


  • Pictures Vs Stories

Pictures and content are definitely very informative and attractive, but Instagram stories give a glimpse of the world inside the brand itself, let it be any industry. The exclusivity of the insider insights, video clips, behind-the- scenes events, etc. helps the brand connect with the audience on a much deeper level. It is an instant and hassle- free approach  to represent the brand and appeal to the audience.


  • Leverage User Interests

The explore option on Instagram allows the users to view stories of other brands related to the ones that they follow which makes it easier for the brands to reach their target audience. For example, if a person decides to follow BMW’s Instagram page, he or she will automatically get suggestions to follow related brands like Audi and Jaguar which will also appear on the explore page, as it is closely related to the user interests. This is good for your business because Instagram does most of the work for you in reaching the right audience!


  • The Influencer Effect

Make your brand more relatable and trustworthy by roping in influencers on Instagram who have a loyal audience to do a tutorial or collaboration or a mini review. This will definitely enhance brand awareness. You can also allow influencers to take over your brand’s Instagram account to gain followers and improve brand engagement.


  • Perfect tool for Promotions

Instagram stories can be used to promote products, limited-period offers, seasonal sales and brand events whether online or offline. For instance, makeup brands give a complete view of their products from showing the package and unboxing the product to swatching samples on different skin tones.


  • Instagram Story Campaigns

Brands can conduct Marketing campaigns through instagram stories in the form of teasers, countdown to product launches and so on. Brands can also host challenges and reward participants with giveaways to improve brand awareness and sales.


  • Driving Quality Traffic

Combine interesting stories with a call to action, and you can drive quality traffic to blog posts, articles and the brand’s website or e-store. By ‘swiping up’ or ‘clicking to see more’ on the story,  the users are directed to the specific link via the Instagram browser.


  • Build your Story

Building a story with your brand as the centralized theme can be used to convey product information, merits and uses without much ado. For example, a story like 100 things you can do with this product or how a brand fits into a person’s life; not only helps you convey the pros of the brand or product  but also improves brand awareness and engagement.


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  • Cross promotion

Cross-promotion of content in other platforms is a great way to create awareness. Many YouTubers use Instagram stories to convey that they’ve uploaded a new video and redirect them to the video by asking them to swipe up. With cross- promotion  you can also reuse some of the same content, lowering costs while delivering equal results.

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