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Looking for a Digital Marketing Agency or Social Media Agency or want to Hire a Magento Developer?

Web Technologies to Digital Marketing – BYT

BYT is a leading Web Development & Digital Marketing agency that offers customized & innovative solutions to suit every client’s budget. Whether you need to hire Magento Developer for your e-Commerce site, or need a creative Facebook contest for social media marketing, BYT offers end-to-end solutions across brands, budgets and platforms.

Our 360 degree approach to Digital Marketing and Web Development delivers measurable results to clients. With us, you get

  • Proven Expertise in e-Commerce & Web Development, Social Media Marketing, Facebook Apps &  Product Development, SEO & Online Advertising (Search Engines & Facebook)
  • Experience working with small to Fortune 500 brands & companies.
  • Developed 100s of websites & ecommerce stores
  • Over 200 Facebook contests and Apps. Developed a product (FlashUps) used by Small businesses to Fortune 500 Companies
  • Served over 4 Billion Ad impressions on Facebook & Google
  • Driving lakhs of Online leads, sales online & Social Media engagement leveraging digital & Social media platforms.

At BYT, your long-term success and sustained digital growth is what we aim for. Therefore, you will never hear us recommend Black Hat SEO, ‘buying’ Facebook Likes/ Fans or gaining Twitter followers who will add no value to your brand or revenue. We are a Social Media Agency that adopts best practices with discretion and plans with foresight, bringing great results for our clients.

Our Digital & Social Media Marketing Strategy bring ROI

  • Our client, Basics Life is ABP Brand Excellence Awards’ “Digital Champion of the Year” given on Oct 21st 2013, in Mumbai!
  • We helped one of India’s leading Theatre companies to fill up a 500-seater auditorium with a budget so small that newspapers refused them.
  • Over a 12 month period, we helped establish a furniture brand as the most searched brand in the city on Google. Beating the big daddies in the business. Oh, we did not focus on cheap fans but quality of fans that would actually purchase furniture.
  • As an e-Commerce developer & Digital Marketing company for one of India’s leading apparel brands, we acquired over a million Facebook Fans/Likes, thousands of customers to their e-Commerce website and engaging them on a daily basis. Result? The brand is searched more often on Google compared to India’s leading apparel brand.
  • This has been possible thanks to BYT’s constant pursuit of innovation. It is this approach that helped us design FlashUps – an innovative & exclusive offering from BYT that helps us render flash-based animations right on your Facebook Page, in Facebook App, Contests, and more.

These results can also be yours – with just a quick call or email. Whatever your requirements or budget, BYT custom-creates solutions that WORK.