7 things you did not know about Digital Marketing

16th Jun 2017 Posted By Faheem Ahmed

The growth of Digital Marketing in the recent years has been phenomenal. Most of the consumers today research online before making a purchase or approaching a business which means that there is a great opportunity for your business to gain new prospects.However, there are some general features about Digital Marketing which are not widely known, which have led to several misconceptions.

Here are 7 things you MUST KNOW about Digital Marketing.

  • Digital Marketing is NOT expensive

Digital Marketing has the ability to cause a high impact with a small budget if done correctly. It is a general misconception that it is an expensive affair. Break the myth, Digital Marketing is inexpensive yet super-effective!  You can take small steps and invest with caution based on results generated along the way.

  • Mobile optimization of websites is inevitable in Digital Marketing

Mobile searches have exceeded desktop searches, according to an official statement from Google. Every business must have a website which is compatible for use in mobile phones and tablets. Today, optimization is not an option. Your competitors are just a click away and you can’t afford to lose customer engagement.

  • Content is King

Content is what drives the internet. It is everything in the form of text, videos, images, audios and graphics. But content needs to be both quantitative and qualitative. It is that which will attract, engage and retain prospective clients. Valuable content will reward the business in the digital arena.

  • Digital Marketing is Universal

If you think your hardware business does not need Digital Marketing or if your well established fashion store does not require Digital Marketing, think again because your targets are already online looking for what you might have to offer. Digital Marketing is meant for every industry, every business and also, every individual. It is universally relevant and important. You should be ahead of your competitors and create a space for your business in the digital arena.

  • Digital Marketing is not a single aspect

Digital Marketing is an umbrella under which there are many components. It is not one thing, but a combination of many.  Having a website or a Facebook account is not Digital Marketing. Digital Marketing operates across many channels and integration is important to ensure optimal performance. Digital Marketing includes all touchpoints which are digital like Websites and Social Media among others.


  • Digital Marketing can be measured

There are numerous ways to measure and track Digital Marketing with tools like website analytics and Google analytics. Many social media sites and blog-host websites offer their own form of measuring data. These insights and data is very important evaluate your marketing strategy and plan for the future. In the future, the implementation of Blockchain Technology in Digital Marketing might also be a huge leap in the field!


  • Digital Marketing is a lot more than just technology

Digital Marketing is not a technical skill, but a marketing skill. Technology is just a facilitator. Digital Marketing campaigns use all the traditional marketing techniques like marketing strategy, planning, execution and evaluating performance. It is just that the platforms have evolved with the help of technology.


Digital Marketing is not something you can ignore in the Internet Era. It is important for every business to invest in a Digital Marketing strategy, be it small or big. We, at BYT Digital, offer Digital Marketing services according to the needs of every client. Are you eager to kick start your business’ Digital Marketing strategy? Contact our experts at BYT today!