5 Reasons why Backlinks are Vital for Web Marketing

02nd Feb 2018 Posted By Faheem Ahmed

How would you like to get more traffic to your website? How much does your business reputation matter to you? If you have answered “You bet” to even one of these questions, then you might as well pay attention to the backlinks on your website. There are several reasons why backlinks are vital to your website and even more reasons why you should monitor your existing backlinks along with new ones.


In SEO and internet marketing, backlinks are probably one of the most-used terms. When there are incoming links to a webpage or when the webpage links into another page, it is known as a backlink. Traditionally, it was considered as one of the major metrics for ranking web pages. To a large extent, all major search engines, including Google, rank a page based on the backlinks.

Here are 5 basic reasons why backlinks are vital:

Organic Ranking is Better

Search engine rankings are better and when your content contains organic links from other sites, it will be ranked higher. Links should be created to individual posts that lead to your home page.

Indexing is Faster

Search engine bots discover links to your online marketing site based on the backlinks. They effectively crawl into the site. And if you are a new website, faster discovery and indexing is facilitated with good backlinks.

Referral Traffic

Referral traffic has an extremely low bounce rate. These are possible only with the help of backlinks.

Backlinks Drive Traffic

It is not always about SEO. Backlinks are good especially because they drive traffic directly to your website. Try to replicate the most important links by monitoring them, to route your traffic.

Protection from Negative SEO

Every field is susceptible to competition and SEO is no different. Competitors will find ways and means to outrank each other even if they have to resort to spamming. For secure internet marketing, analyse and identify the backlinks to your website way ahead of time so that you can protect yourself from negative SEO. Reject all backlinks if you are a victim of such an attack to earn new ones.

Additionally, monitoring your backlinks will help you determine the reviews and complaints that you receive about your website. It would be imperative to heed every review whether negative or positive. If you have a successful online business, then backlinks are extremely important. Ask your digital marketing manager to track your links constantly to build your visibility.