4 Digital Media Myths Busted

29th Dec 2017 Posted By Faheem Ahmed

1. I have an in-house digital marketing person. Why do I need an agency?

You’re not alone in your thinking. Before BYT is signed up by any client and takes over their digital marketing, that has been the case with almost every client. While they have a single resource to write, design, advertise & strategize, we have multiple experts doing it. For any client, BYT has one copywriter, one designer, one ads team manager aided by a junior and an SEO expert. And it just gets more complex and layered. Our team of developers who double as growth hackers back our digital marketing team to ensure that your website or mobile app is perfectly in sync with your digital marketing. All of which that is overseen by a digital strategist who has a couple of decades’ experience both in technology as well as digital marketing. Making it sharp as a tack, yet smooth as silk.


2. Google Advertising is Better than Facebook Advertising.

You couldn’t be further from the truth. Facebook advertising is as good as Google (Search) advertising to generate leads and sell online. Sometimes, even better. The approach most often is Search and Social Advertising. For instance, if you need to launch a new invention / product or even have been around for a few or many years. Most of the time, folks don’t Google a new product, but they definitely would Facebook it. Never clever to pit one platform against the other. It is rarely Google vs. Facebook. It is constantly Facebook and Google.

3. I don’t expect enterprise leads (B2B) from Digital Marketing.

BYT’s client – a leading theatre-based training company – wanted to generate leads and strongly believed in using LinkedIn. BYT reasoned that it was an expensive platform and suggested more affordable solutions such as Facebook and Google. We successfully generated leads of Fortune 500 companies in India for the clients who were the target audience. BYT could do the same for you.

4. Brands can be built using online and social media marketing, quickly.

One of BYT’s oldest clients – south India’s much-loved apparel brand – was also one of the first-ever Indian brands to be present on social media. With presence on digital, it brushed shoulders with big names and at one time, was the second most-searched brand on Google. Accolades and media coverage on Agencyfaqs followed. Today, the company deploys a major portion of ad budget on social media. Yes, it took many years, but happened, for sure. Give your brand the time and the right agency and you will be able to build your brand using digital marketing.