15 Amazing Marketing Automation Software That Helps To Boost Your Business In 2019

16th May 2019 Posted By Faheem Ahmed

In the marketing industry that’s forever in a flux, marketers look towards ideal solutions to speed up work by automating their business. Any business requires 360° activities to be market-ready. Social media, email automation, graphic design and ads’ creation activities, to name just a few. That said,managing a business single-handedly (or without the softwares) couldprove to be hectic.

In such scenarioswhereinmultiple activities are mandatory, it would be helpful if you could schedule or automate most tasks for the success of a seamless campaign.

That’s wheremarketing automationtools come into play. Read on to know how it can help scale business.

1. Wishpond

Wishpond has the complete package to help you grab more prospects on your website and help you entertain them in a precise manner to convertinto prospects.

Trusted by brands such as Sony, Walmart, Unicef, Panasonic and others, Wishpond provides a productive package for online marketers.

Pic – Wishpond

You can:

  • Edit webpage elements
  • Add smart website popups
  • Integrate forms
  • Organize a contest and promotional activities
  • Get a detailed analysis of your leads

Wishpond grants you a great place to store and nurture leads. You can also create attractive email marketing campaigns thanks to the mobile-friendly templates that will help you acquire more users and generate more sales for business. By editing data into the readymade templates, schedule emails or segment the threads as per your requirements to ensure you effectively communicate to the right people at the right time.

2. Zoho

Zoho is a smartly developed SaaS platform, also known as a CRM, that can enable productivity in the routines of any organization size, regardless.

You can add your team in Zoho, initiate a conversation through chat and email them from Zoho. You don’t need to go toother external tools to manage team communication.

Pic – Zoho

Thanks to the collection of enormous features of the platform, you can streamline and automate your accounting, sales, marketing, and emails seamlessly.

Zoho also lets you strategize and automate social media campaigns through Zoho Social. Through their scheduling feature, you can automate your posts on multiple platforms so that your creatives can go live at your desired time.

This way, miss no deadline or never forget to publish any social media posts on your channels. You can also create and schedule multiple posts to gain maximum control and efficiency in your routine.

3. HubSpot

HubSpot is one among the most advanced and yet user-friendly platforms which can skyrocket your profits by giving you invaluable insights and suggestions for your campaigns. Through their sales and marketing automation products, you get granular control of your online marketing campaigns. You would save time and get more things done through automating monotonous yet essential tasks from this platform.

Pic – HubSpot

One of their advanced features lets you run lead campaigns entirely on autopilot. Out of the varied scenarios, click conditions that match your situations and HubSpot will design effective email copy to convert a website visitor into a customer. The layout of the platform gives you a clear picture of the results that you may generate through marketing automation.

With 4.5 ratings and more than 1200 reviews on Capterra, HubSpot is a highly recommended marketing automation software to improve your business.

4. iContactPro

Email marketing should be aligned to achieve specific goals of the brand. iContactPro is one such simple tool with an attractive layout that can create emails for you within minutes.

Recognizethe fact that one of the fundamental aspects of email marketing is that your emails should be delivered at a certain point of time to the right audience.

Pic – iContact

Once you edit the image or banner, automate it so that it works on its own.

5. eSputnik

eSputnik is for B2C companies like small local businesses or eCommerce stores. Through the machine learning capabilities of the tool, it can understand the user’s intent and mood from the way users respond to messages and emails.

Pic – eSputnik

You can leverage behavior tracking of the tool to comprehend user behavior across multiple channels like webpages, articles, social media andmobile applications. You also have a free rein to send customized and highly personalized messages and segment them. With the user-friendly layout of this tool, every task becomes more comfortable and quicker by using drag and drop functionality. In fact, you can compose emails to your clients within minutes. You can also perform multichannel marketing  where eSputnik takes multiple variables into account and provide personalized user experience to each prospect.

You can send dynamic email notifications, push and website notifications to ensure genuine user engagement and maximum user acquisition.

6. Marketo

Marketo is the one-stop solution for all your marketing automation needs because it can  handle complex and time-consuming tasks effectively.

Unlike most of the tools where you  need to pay a specific amount for the software used because of the cost structure, Marketo takes a different approach where you only pay for usage.

Pic – Marketo

Marketo does not provide any specific package for product usage. You can get in touch with them to create custom packages for automating your marketing activities. Marketo began managing leads, and now the tool provides social media engagement, mobile marketing and value attribution features to help their prospects get bonafide results.

7. Constant Contact

With two decades of experience, Constant Contact has been a pioneer in the field of email marketing. You can automate your emails to achieve excellent results by using this tool.

You can set few conditions that trigger segmented email threads to particular recipients.For example, you can send greetings and welcome emails to each new subscriber.

Pic – Constant Contact

If you are selling a particular range of product, you can remind your prospects through email whenever you offer some discounts. You can also send auto-responders to those who didn’t open the previous email.

8. SharpSpring

SharpSpring is a complete package for marketers who look to automate their digital sales. You get to not just automate marketing tasks but also obtain a built-in CRM to manage and store everything in one place. You can improve your customer retention quickly by getting the analyses and insights of your campaign from the same tool. You wouldn’t need tofiddle around with the tools for observing metrics, researching and consequently, applying changes to the campaigns.

Pic – SharpSpring

Thanks to the robust workflow of the SharpSpring, everything can be achieved from a single admin panel. You could be running an agency- you could connect with the team at SharpSpring to get custom pricing of the tool. SharpSpring has 3 basic packages – $450/month, $650/month, and $875/month.

9. AdRoll

Skyrocket your online sales through AdRoll’s ad generation easily. Thanks to its Ads Management feature, you can monitor, schedule, automate, and research your ads.

With AdRoll,run unique custom ads to different prospects.

Pic – AdRoll

For instance, it lets you target users who have previously viewed your profile, abandoned shopping cart after adding the products or might be interested in knowing about the specific product range. This way, you are always chasing sales via interactive ads by AdRoll. You don’t have to pay a specific amount to use the platform, However, you will be charged based on the number of people engaged with your social media ads. You need to fill them in on the  approximate monthly ads spend and you’d be charged correspondingly.

10. Prospect.io

Prospect.io lifts the burden of data entry from customers. As a marketer, you can find your prospect’s contact details including their email address, name and organization by using the supportive features of Prospect.io.

Pic – Prospect.io

The tools also let you export and import data in a CSV format. You can monitor and verify the engagement right from the tool. Furthermore, you can fuel your sales funnel by including these details in the correct phase. The tool works flawlessly with CRM like HubSpot, Salesforce, Cloud.io, among others.

11. GetResponse

GetResponse is another multipurpose and marketing automation tool that permits you to edit landing pages, schedule emails, track subscribers and so on. It allows you to create a productive flow of interactions through which you can trigger custom responses and develop versatile communication to encourage users to become customers.

Pic – GetResponse

You can track user behavior like visited product pages, products added in carts, etc. GetResponse has four available packages wherein the most premium is arguably, most feature-rich.

12. Drip

Drip is designed exclusively to help eCommerce websites automate their marketing efforts. You can get complete control on how you sell your products online from a website. You get custom form builder, website editor and a robust channel for multichannel marketing. The platform tracks enhanced insights about people visiting your website and purchasing products. Thus, helping you plan and execute your future campaigns successfully and ensuring maximum customer retention.

Pic – Drip

Drip comes with 2 packages with fixed pricing as Basic ($49/month) and Pro ($122/month). If you run a digital agency and have multiple projects that could not be fit in either of the packages, connect with Team Drip to get a custom package tailored to your business needs.

13. Active Campaign

Active Campaign goes one step forward with excellent data tracking and smart messaging functionalities with an in-built CRM. You can also get the quality score of the links to get the idea of the quality of the prospect.

Pic – Active Campaign

Along with email marketing features, you get end-to-end marketing automation features. You can develop custom sales funnel to monitor and utilize the results to generate more profitable outcomes. The creative user interface allows users to design the flow and automate major digital activities.

14. MailChimp

Initially, MailChimp used to manage and automate excellent email marketing campaigns. Today, it can also automate social ads, remarketing ads, etc.

Pic – MailChimp

MailChimp can also work with your existing platforms such as Shopify, Automate.io and Zapier, Google Sheets and Slack. The structure of MailChimp takes you one step closer to understand viewers and convey dynamic communication to your prospects. You can also begin your email marketing campaigns for free.

If you have less than 2,000 subscribers, you can send 12,000 free emails through MailChimp. For unlimited access to features, you need to opt for paid packages.

15. WebEngage

Trusted by brands like Flipkart, Goibibo, Intuit, and many more, WebEngage claims to convert your campaign ideas into reality in a matter of a few seconds. This tool lets you plan cross-channel marketing through visual workflows that are adaptable to real-time scenarios.

Pic – WebEngage

You can also personalize your message and elevate brand loyalty among customers. WebEngage has three packages with fixed prices. You could also get in touch with them to generate a custom package as per your marketing needs.


Before choosing any tool, understand your requirement and decide the ideal option that suits your demands.

If you are using any of these tools do share your experiences with them.If using any other tool,do drop in your comment below.